Meet Our Staff

Jenny Boehmer, Owner & Instructor

I took my first private Pilates session in 1998 at Erskine Fitness in Seattle. Immediately I knew Pilates was exactly what my body had been missing and desperately needed. Pilates addressed the imbalances I had developed through years of playing soccer. Since Pilates has become a regular activity in my life, I have been able to continue a very active lifestyle with minimal injuries and quick recoveries.

Having a fascination with the human body coupled with a newfound love of Pilates, I jumped at the opportunity to become a certified Pilates instructor.

Since becoming certified in 2000, I have worked with men, women, and children of all ages and fitness levels. My goal is to teach Pilates in a way that is fun, effective, and safe.

I offer private Pilates instruction and Reformer classes at a studio in downtown Everett, Washington. If you have any questions about Pilates, or would like to discuss sessions and scheduling, please email or call. I’d love to talk with you.

Hajera Ahmed, Bodyworker

Hajera is Bodyworker, Yoga Therapist, and Sound Healing practitioner since 10+ years.  She practices Acupressure and Cupping therapy from the style of East Asian Medicine.  She received certifications and schooling from Soaring Crane Massage & Acupuncture, Yoga Inbound Thai Yoga, and Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, WSU as well as several other schools.  She has a BA in Philosophy and Minors in Biology, Psychology, and Art.  She is an international teacher and has practiced and taught bodywork in different places around the world. Her philosophy is that all bodies can benefit from Meditation and holistic therapies, and that all people are whole beings but it is only the body/mind that comes into imbalance.  She firmly believes in the benefit of natural herbs, plant medicines, exercise, yoga, and meditation, to bring balance to any body.  You can find out more at

Join our team!

We are looking for experienced instructors who will teach Pilates to our students in a way that is safe, effective and fun.
At Pilates by the Bay, we are looking for experienced instructors who are:
  • Certified in mat and all apparatus
  • Experienced working with special populations (pre-and postnatal, post-rehabilitation)
  • Able to customize the sessions to the student.  Takes in account the student’s strengths and challenges – every student ends their session feeling successful (and feeling good!)
  • Able to work independently, but also appreciates and finds value in working along side other instructors
  • Highly motivated to build and retain a clientele
If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to talk to you!